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Pumpkin Seeds

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Are you busy carving your pumpkin? Save your seeds and make your own pumpkin seeds. The nutrients are amazing. Here’s what you need… For every cup of pumpkin seeds you have you’ll need 2 cups of water and 1 tbsp … Continue reading


Healthy Pizza

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Had a craving for pizza today so I made mini pizzas for dinner. The grocery store only had frozen dough. Ewwwww. So I found a fresh baked, preservative free 10 ingredient whole grain naan and went from there. Homemade tomato … Continue reading


Eating Healthy on a Budget

We have all said it…”it is so much cheaper to eat bad food” Here are some examples of how to make small changes that save you money but keep you healthy. 1. Choose in season fruits and veggies, if you … Continue reading