Quotes I have just started out with angela, but what has become apparent is that she loves her job and is very invested in getting results for her clients. she is so positive and encouraging and believes in me…..how can I fail? Looking forward to what is to come. I hope to be a walking billboard for her services ūüôā Quotes

excited and encouraged

Quotes A year after having my baby i still couldnt get back to my original weight, Angela has helped me look at the way i was eating and how i should exercise. She is tough when i need it and a great help to keep me on track! Quotes
Nicole A
Never Better!

Quotes “I just had a baby earlier this year, and shortly after learned I had asthma. Ange has been my secret weapon. Since I started training with her 7 weeks ago, I’ve lost 10 inches (and counting!) as well I dont¬†even notice my asthma anymore. She tailors my workouts to my body type to ensure I’m targeting all my problem areas, combined with full body workouts and agility. Not only am I actually having fun training now, but I’ve got someone to discuss diet with, and help me stay on track. Think of exercise as a privilege instead of a punishment. Be grateful that your body enables you to do what it does, and thank your ?temple? by keeping it as healthy as possible. Ange has been everything I wanted in a trainer, and truly believes in her clients goals.” – Courtney Wattie Quotes

Quotes I have done it all to get fit and lose weight, it works for a while and then I get bored and end up going back to my old habits, a few months ago, I decided I wanted to start running, I wanted to be able to run 5K, that was my goal, however, doing it on my own was not an option so I decided to higher a personal trainer, Angela, she is amazing, she not only has me running 5K :o) she has given me great tips and advise on weight loss, and I am now just shy of losing 26 pounds. She is very knowledgeable on health and fitness, and is a GREAT motivator and knows when my body can be pushed and when it can?t. I am feeling healthier, looking healthier and I truly owe it all to Angela, without her I would still be sitting on the couch. Thanks for getting me off my couch Angela and I look forward to you pushing me to my next goal the 10K. Quotes
Feelin’ great

Quotes I have been trying to loose¬†weight since … I can’t remember. I was never into fad diets but always trying to workout.. giving up, going with a friend and someone always bailing, booty camps that cost way too much to keep up and many other attempts. I found Ang¬†and I couldn’t be more happier! She keeps me on my toes and does a good job of it! I love being able to have someone by my side encouraging me and keep me moving. It is much easier to push myself when she is there watching!! Her price point is perfect as I can’t afford much being a student and I found price was one of the reasons I didn’t keep up with working out because it just seemed to cost so much money. It has only been a few weeks but I see a difference and only working with her two times a week and then doing stuff on my own. I love the workouts as she changes it up so it doesn’t get boring. Thanks for everything so far:) xo Quotes
Rockin’ Body

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