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No such thing as an excuse

Well the title kind of says alot but as I walk on the treadmill this morning thinking about all the hurdles I’ve had to jump over I think about people’s excuses and they make me mad. Don’t get me wrong people are untitled to their opinion but if you say your going to do something do it.
I was an avid marathon runner, lost 65 pounds, found out I had compartment syndrome and excess scar tissue had surgery, recovered a year later to find out in my check up that I have a tumor in my ankle and a torn unrepairable ligament in the other side of that ankle. Those are my excuses to acting crazy sometimes but never an excuse to lay in bed and not enjoy an active lifestyle. I may not be able to run, climb stairs and do calf raises for the rest of my life but damn it I won’t let an excuse be more important than my need for health. You shouldn’t either! There are no excuses worth being excused and if you truly wanted it bad enough there would be no I’ll start tomorrow only I will start today.



But it’s got electrolytes…

Quote from my favorite movie Idiocracy.
There are so many commercials for sports drinks but do you really need electrolytes? Truth is not really. If you’re not an intense athlete, recovering from a flu, or sweating buckets working outside on a 40 degree day.
Electrolytes are minerals that carry an electrical charge which help improve fluid levels, nerve and brain function.
The major ones are potassium, magnesium, sodium and chloride all which are lost through excessive sweating.
For strenuous workouts lasting 75 minutes or more or you find yourself not sweating anymore than replenish your electrolytes. If your just doing an easy workout your wasting your money if there is no electrolytes lost there’s no need to replace any.