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New BPA findings

A new study came out yesterday from the New York Study of Medicine about BPA’s affect on children’s obesity. One thing that sticks out for me is that the study can’t prove(did not find a direct link) to causing obesity however children who had BPA in their urine were more likely to be obese.
Did you know that BPA’s are found in more than just plastic bottles?
The good people at Ecosalon.com complied a list and you can find it here.
So maybe it isn’t BPA that causes these directly, my theory is since it is in everyday things and mostly packaged foods that it’s the crappy food parents give to their kids that cause it. All those pop tarts and pizza pops that were in packaging loaded with BPA.
I am shocked at how plastic bottles received most of the blame, I can’t believe there is BPA in toilet paper.
Are any of you guys shocked about where else BPA is hiding?



When’s the Breaking Point?

I had a stressful week, so I went to do what most girls do when their stressed(other than exercise) I got my hair did. Well I was there I saw a hair dresser that was probably about 400 pounds, her work clearly being affected by her weight. If she was addicted to alcohol and her work was suffering wouldn’t something have been done? I mean food love is an addiction right?
I’m not nagging on her, I don’t know her or her reasons why but that’s exactly why I’m writing this post. I want to know when is it truly someone’s breaking point? Mine was having to go to the plus size store for pants and hitting 206 pounds. What I really want to know(and I’m trying not to be a jerk here, this is for my knowledge, is HOW????)
How does one get so big without realizing the effect on your health? How does one get so big they choose to ride a scooter?
I have always understood being overweight by up to 100 pounds because food is awesome.
What do you guys think? Think it’s a conscious decision to sabotage their life?
Why is obesity becoming an issue? Has society given up on caring about their health? Sure Ice cream tastes great and so do French fries but is it worth all the health issues.?
So what is societies breaking point? When does that person at 250 say ok now I’m out of breath walking to the mail I should be healthy. What do they say at 300? It’s too late, I might as well eat whatever. 400 pounds? 600? When you can’t live a normal life why do these people choose this path??