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Yoga to relax

So I just spent the good part of the last hour writing this wonderful post about cheese and the health benefits and even a list of cheeses in order of calories lowest to highest. Well I saved it 100x over and it kept defaulting back to my draft.
In anger and rage over this I have decided to do a night time session of yoga. Will this post even work? Am I writing it on vain too? Stay tuned… I’m publishing this than adding too it after my awesome and hopeful stress relieving yoga session.

Omg I’m back and I do feel better, I didn’t even smash my phone in a rage over my inability to post about cheese. Anyways…. I did my Nike Training Club workout.

And it was great 45 minutes of yoga. Finished it and now I’m super close to a new Nike reward. The thing that I never liked about working out at night is the hunger after, 45 minutes of yoga made me indulge in a bowl of Cheerios. Although it is better than going to bed hungry. Give NTC a try if u have a smart phone it’s awesome.


There’s an ap for that

There are so many fitness aps out there, how does one choose? Well through trial and error I have found my favorite. NTC Nike Training Club.
It is absolutely fantastic with timed workouts, pictures, unlock able recipes and star workouts so you feel like its a game.
I have always liked Nike Women and what their product represents! It’s not about being pretty its about being tough! Making clothes that will withstand a beating a race, a WOD, gym and even yoga.
I have included some pics of the ap so you can see it, did I mention it’s free with no ads?
Love this ap. what do you use?