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Body Fat Percentage

I came across this photo on someone’s Facebook page and it stirred up some feelings.

First off is it really that realistic? Each one of these ladies is most likely a different height so comparing yourself could be hard. However at least you can get an idea between 30% and 18%.
It is a lot easier for a male to lower his body weight because men’s bodies aren’t programmed to store fat. Women’s however are, we have it in our genes to store fat for child birth. Since carrying a baby and requires a certain amount of abdominal fat. When a woman goes below her threshold she stops having her period and stops ovulating therefore her body says nope not going to happen, we’re not healthy enough to carry a baby!!
That might be TMI but it’s the truth backed by science. ( don’t believe me look it up here )
In my experience when I was at my most hardcore I was obsessed with the fat calipers and measurements tracking ever change in decimal points. Looking back its not worth it to obsess. Tracking your body fat percentage can be good to do a few times a year to have a reality check in, or when starting a new exercise routine. Also remember that no matter male or female every body is different and 18% on someone else won’t be the same as 18% on you.
Do any of you track your percentage?
If so have you ever had the water immersion test done?