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Cheese is awesome, but kind of bad for you. Here is the low down.

Cheese is great for your teeth.Cheese is a food that is rich in calcium. Calcium is something that you need if you are going to have good, strong, healthy teeth. Cheese has been shown to reduce plaque and to stimulate saliva which helps to keep the mouth clean. If you dread going to the dentist because you don’t want to hear that your teeth are getting bad then you might want to think about how cheese can help you out! (Of course, you do still have to brush and floss!!)

  • Cheese is even better for your bones. For the same reason that cheese is great for your teeth, it’s also great for your bones. Getting enough calcium means that you’ll have strong, healthy bones. It may prevent osteoporosis and other bone problems associated with aging.

Cheese helps pregnancy go more smoothly. Calcium-rich foods like cheese are great for pregnant women. One of the biggest benefits is that it can help stimulate contractions when it’s time for the baby to come. It also helps to create proper milk production in the body to help feed the baby once it is born.

  • Cheese can reduce problems associated with PMS. Women who aren’t pregnant may find that cheese is good for them when their time of month comes around. That’s because the calcium in cheese can prevent or reduce some of the symptoms associated with PMS.
  • Cheese may be good for your skin. Cheese is a product that contains B vitamins. B vitamins are good for maintaining supple, healthy, glowing skin. You won’t automatically get good skin because you eat cheese but it’s one benefit to consider when including cheese in your diet.
  • Cheese might prevent cancer. There are a lot of studies going on through which people are trying to determine how to prevent cancer. One thing that seems to be true is that CLA may be a product that prevents cancer. Cheese contains CLA. Also, cheese may specifically help to prevent colon cancer due to its high calcium content.
  • Cheese is good for people who suffer from migraine headaches. Getting enough calcium has been shown to reduce the problems that people have with migraines. Cheese, as has been noted here, is a terrific source of that calcium.
  • Cheese can boost your immune system. Eating certain types of cheese has been found to actually have a positive effect on the immune system. This prevents many forms of illness and disease.
  • Cheese is a leading product for people who need to gain weight. One of the reasons that cheese has a bad reputation as an unhealthy food is because it is a high-fat food and eating a lot of it can lead to weight gain. However, some people need to gain weight. Maybe you’re an athlete that needs to bulk up or perhaps you’re getting older and being too thin is starting to become dangerous for your health. Either way, cheese can be good for you. Of course, you need to eat in properly as part of a balanced diet and a lifestyle that includes exerciseCons :Can be full of fat and high in calories.

Is Sunday your rest day? Or do you pick a busier day during the week? It’s great if you want to be a superstar and exercise everyday but do you know that can actually be worse for your body? Here … Continue reading

Raspberry Ketones-The New Fad Diet

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I have been hearing a lot about raspberry ketones lately and wanted to do some research and educate people. It must be good, DR Oz is recommending it right? Here is a link to his website. http://www.doctoroz.com/videos/miracle-fat-burner-bottle 

What he doesn’t say though is what I found below from Wikipedia.

Raspberry ketone is a natural phenolic compound that is the primary aroma compound of red raspberries. It is used in perfumery, in cosmetics, and as a food additive to impart a fruity odor. It is one of the most expensive natural flavor components used in the food industry. The natural compound can cost as much as $20,000 per kg.[3] In 1965, the Food and Drug Administration placed raspberry ketone on generally recognized as safe (GRAS) status.[4]

In plants, raspberry ketone is synthesized from coumaroyl-CoA.[5] Extraction of pure raspberry ketone is usually 1-4 mg per kg of raspberries.[3]

Since the natural abundance of raspberry ketone is very low, it is prepared industrially by a variety of methods from chemical intermediates.[6] One of the ways this can be done is through a crossed aldol-catalytic hydrogenation. In acetone and sodium hydroxide, 4-hydroxybenzaldehyde can form the α,β-unsaturated ketone. This then goes through catalytic hydrogenation to produce raspberry ketone. This method produces a 99% yield.[7]

When given to mice in very high doses (up to 2% of body weight), raspberry ketone has been shown to prevent high-fat-diet-induced elevations in body weight.[8] However, no effects on body weight were observed with doses up to 200 times greater than the estimated intake in humans.[9] The high dose effect is reported to stem from the alteration of lipid metabolism, increasing norepinephrine-induced lipolysis. Although products containing this compound are marketed for weight loss, there is no clinical evidence for this effect in humans.

So in a nutshell, it’s not natural unless you pay out the wazoo, as the natural yield of ketones from raspberries is really low. So it is processed to produce more. hmm not natural….Also in MICE,not Humans it resulted in only a 2% reduction in body weight so if you weighed 200 pounds you would only lose 4 pounds. Not bad for $49.99 a bottle.  The average woman who feels they need to lose weight is around the 165 pound range so 3.3 pounds. This is another example of people jumping on another fad diet because it sounds great and guess what it is too good to be true. It is supposed to work by  affecting the metabolism by increasing the levels of two hormones, norepinerphrine and adiponectin. Spikes in norepinephrine cause the body’s temperature to rise, causing the body to burn more fat. you know what else does? jalapeno, cinnamon and anything else with capsicum. Or a 200 pound person can burn 4 pounds (14,000 calories) by walking at 5 mph for 30 minutes a day for 2 months for FREE or 34 hour-long walks with the bonus of increasing circulation,muscle tone and lung function.

No More Fad DIETS!!!!!!

Define Me-ABS

Click the link below for the Ab workout


For best resuls print in landscape.

Remember all workouts are done by you and Fitness and healthy Living Tips and any employees or individuals involved are not responsible for any injuries that occur as a direct or indirect result of the workout provided.

Define Me Workout Tracker

So here it is the follow-up to the Bulge to Buff challenge. This will give you definition and leaness as I expect you to do minimum 30 minutes of cardio a day, this can be active cardio such as swimming, walking,biking you DONT have to be stuck on the treadmill.

I will be posting the workouts all at once so you can print them. There will be this page and 8 pages for the 6 days of the week there is a workout, plus one for abs, and sheets with pictures of the exercises on them. Enjoy

Define Me     Print in Landscape

Week 1-Day 6

Today is a hard Cardio Push day!! This workout is for Wednesday April 24th. Dont give up Push yourself for the fastest time possible!!

Week 1- Day 6

Plateau- The bad 7 letter word!!

I get asked about Plateaus a lot and a simple answer is that a plateau is our bodies way of protecting ourselves from ourselves. At some point in your journey to becoming fit you will hit a plateau.

The human body works very hard to keep energy intake and output in balance. Our bodies don’t like to lose weight, weird eh? Having weight(fat) on our bodies has been a survival mechanism for years. In times of famine, in winter our ancestors needed that extra 10 pounds of fat to survive.
After your initial weight loss, your progress will start to slow down and eventually stop even though your exercise and food intake is consistent.  Consistency than becomes the problem.
There are many reasons why plateaus happen.

Problem 1. Eating too Few Calories.

Why: You need to eat!! Our bodies need the fuel, would you attempt a road trip on fumes in your gas tank? When you decrease your food intake, your body lowers its metabolic rate it does this so the body to function properly(cell repair,heart and brain function etc….) but ultimately your body requires fewer calories which creates hunger and prevents you from losing fat.When your body thinks it’s starving it stores EVERYTHING as fat because fat keeps us alive. That’s the survival instinct I was talking about earlier.
Keep your caloric intake slightly below your maintenance calories (BMR) so that your energy and metabolism remain high. Never have a deficit above 700 calories (ever).A deficit greater than 700 calories makes it very difficult to maintain your lean body mass, because when your body is hungry it starts to eat away at the amino acids found in your cells. Google BMR calculator so you can find out how many calories you can have.


Problem 2. Loss of lean body mass
Why? Muscle burns twice as many calories as fat does, maybe you’re not lifting enough weights?  Loss of muscle mass happens as we age in fact anything over the age of 25 can be an uphill struggle to keep muscle mass.

Make sure your exercise program is combined with a fully nourished body, Check out the food guide make sure your consuming all three macro nutrients (Protein, Fats and Carbs) By choosing an all-round healthy diet rich in fruits veggies,dairy and proteins you can create a safe calorie deficit.  

Problem 3. Weight loss

How can weight loss cause a plateau? Well similar to knowing you BMR the less you weight the less calories you need a day(the lighter the vehicle the less gas it uses). 

Revisit your BMR, calculate it again and adjust your calories as needed.

Problem 4. “The Postman Syndrome”

Why? Our bodies respond best to change, have you been doing the same workout since day 1 of your routine? Because of the constant changes our bodies compensate by burning extra calories. Eventually your body will adapt to the same repetitive workload and you wont burn the extra calories you used to.

Keep your body on its toes, it takes roughly 6 weeks for your body to get used to an exercise. Maintain the guessing game and constantly adjust F.I.T.T. Frequency,Intensity, Time and Type.


Problem 6: Over-training:

Why?  When you constantly train hard all day everyday your body can’t keep up with the cellular repair and muscle repair. Our bodies rebuild at rest, and if your body can’t build lean muscle mass it can’t burn calories as efficiently.

Take sometime to recover. if you feel a burnout coming take a day or 2 off, if your already at the burnout point than take a week off of exercise(still eat healthy). it gives your body time to repair and should re-energize your zest for exercise.


7. Enhanced Physical Condition
You could just be in really good shape all ready.

Solution: There isn’t one really, just keep at it, you have reached the top of the mountain and your health is at its peak. This could mean a lower resting metabolic and heart rate ( good thing). Just keep on doing what you love.