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Chocolatey Goodness

So I’m back in the game and am on my 8th day of warriorz workout with zuzka light.
I also did a whole 2km run, thats about all I can do since my surgery.
Anyways enough about me and more about chocolatey goodness. I finally made a protein Popsicle that tastes like fudgesicles.

1 frozen banana
1 scoop chocolate protein powder
1/8 tsp of unsweetened cocoa powder
1 cup milk
Blend it all, place in your Popsicle maker and enjoy. Each Popsicle is aprox….
50 calories
5 grams of protein
2 grams of fat(from the milk)



Yogurt Covered Strawberries


 I love dessert, but what I like more than desserts is frozen and healthy ones.
If its strawberry season where you live this might be the recipe for you…
I make these in bulk
-1 large tub of vanilla Balkan or Greek Yogurt.
– Strawberries till all the yogurt is done.
chocolate chips( I use milk).

– Straw
– Wax paper
– Cookie Sheet

How to:
1) Core/ remove tops from strawberries. Like this, or just take the top part off.


2) I take only the top part off than put a chocolate chip in the whole.
3) Dip the strawberry in the yogurt and arrange on parchment/wax paper.
4) Freeze for about an hour but it will depend on the thickness of your yogurt.

35 each. Mmmmmmm yummy

P. S. you can do this with any fruit you like.