Daily Fitness Challenge

Wednesday April 11
30 minutes of intense make you puke kinda cardio!!!

Tuesday April 10th
30 calf raises
30 burpees
30 squats
20 burpees
30 lunges
20 burpees

Pow so mean!!! Enjoy

Monday April 9
Easter treat blaster
More cardio to atone for all your chocolatey sins.
20 burpees
50 high knee runs
1 minute plank
30 squat jumps
30 lunge jumps
20 burpees

Sunday April 8
Butt challenge
40 donkey kicks per leg
40 reverse lunges
100 step ups( if you don’t have a step you can use the stairs)
40 sumo squats
Repeat twice….

Saturday April 7
Cardio challenge..
100 jumping jacks
30 burpees
50 high knee runs( make sure your hands hit your knees)
If you can repeat the above two or 3 times.

Challenge for April 6th is…
100 bicycle crunches
5x 1 minute planks
100 trunk twists
I know it’s a holiday but do it 🙂 you won’t regret it!!

Thursday April 5th

100 squats

100 lunges

50 calf raises

Wednesday April 4th

20 wide arm push ups

than bring your arms in just under your arm pits

20 mid arm push ups

20 triangle push ups (place thumb and index fingers together)

repeat 3 times


4 responses to “Daily Fitness Challenge

  1. I completed mine in 9 minutes and 35 seconds……

  2. YAY!! I love this simple idea. Thanks for stopping by oceannah too! I’m really amping up my fitness to shed some weight…summer’s comin’

  3. I am going to leave 2 weeks or so up at a time!! So feel free to try 2 weeks worth in one day!! especially the cardio ones!! Enjoy

  4. I just started the challenge yesterday. I am excited to see what kind of results I can get with it! Thanks for this, I needed some motivation!

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