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Fitness and Healthy Living

Ever wonder how they figure out how many calories are burned for a specific exercise? Well each activity is assigned a met number. Met stands for metabolic equivalent of a task, basically caloric measurement of the energy expenditure of a specific task. When you sit you burn 1 met, playing golf 4. Let’s say you wanted to figure out how many calories you burned playing golf today(no cart). Here’s where that math you swore you would never use after highschool comes in….
Mets x your weight (in kgs) x time(in hours) x 1.05= calories burned.
So if you played golf today for 30 minutes and you weigh 60 kgs here’s your calorie expenditure.
4x 60 x .5 x1.05= 126 calories.
So 30 minutes of golf burns 126 calories.
So now when your on the treadmill you know how the machine calculates calories burned and estimated calories per hour..
Check out…

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Wow!! This looks delicious. Can’t wait to try it.

Aly GarlicHands

Serves 4 – 6:

Merhaba! Ok…so I’m not currently in Istanbul but this recipe will take you straight to my beloved Turkey. Aside from viewing the stunning historic sites and touring Constantinople on my 2012 trip, exploring the local cuisine was one of my favorite parts of the visit. During this vacation, my friends and I took a cooking class at a local school/restaurant (Cooking Alaturka) where we prepared and served several dishes to the patrons including these fabulous zucchini blinis. I’ve made and enjoyed them several times since then and let me tell you, zucchini has never tasted so good!! Give them a try! I hope you enjoy.


  • 2 large zucchini
  • 3 green onions
  • 5 eggs
  • ¼ cup flour
  • 4 oz feta cheese or ricotta salata
  • ¼ cup each of fresh dill, flat leaf parsley and mint
  • 1 tsp red pepper flakes
  • ½ tsp salt
  • Black pepper
  • 1/3 cup Greek yogurt
  • 1 clove garlic
  • Canola oil…

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An older blog post, but breakfast is still important!!!

Fitness and Healthy Living

Theres a reason your mom always told you to eat your breakfast……
Studies have shown that people who skip breakfast are 4 ½ times more likely to be overweight. Skipping breakfast can cause your metabolism to slow down. Eat 5-6 smaller nutritionally dense meals throughout the day (3 meals and 2-3 smaller snacks). 
No skipping meals!!!
Eating at least 3 small meals a day can cut your obesity risk by 45% even when you consume the same number of calories. Eating and digesting food keeps the metabolism going. Fasting/starving yourself is the best way gain weight. When a person fasts or diets drastically, and then resumes eating “normally”, the body tries to conserve the food assuming it will be starved again. It then absorbs fat more readily and is reluctant to give it up. Eating three or less meals a day prompts your insulin levels to spike, triggering your body to store more of the…

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Fitness and Healthy Living

I get asked about Plateaus a lot and a simple answer is that a plateau is our bodies way of protecting ourselves from ourselves. At some point in your journey to becoming fit you will hit a plateau.

The human body works very hard to keep energy intake and output in balance. Our bodies don’t like to lose weight, weird eh? Having weight(fat) on our bodies has been a survival mechanism for years. In times of famine, in winter our ancestors needed that extra 10 pounds of fat to survive.
After your initial weight loss, your progress will start to slow down and eventually stop even though your exercise and food intake is consistent.  Consistency than becomes the problem.
There are many reasons why plateaus happen.

Problem 1. Eating too Few Calories.

Why: You need to eat!! Our bodies need the fuel, would you attempt a road trip on fumes in…

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Had to reblog this to share with people. Knowledge is power over advertising!!

Socially Fit

Why All the Hype

The coconut is commonly associated with beautiful tropical beaches. Towering coconut palms at the fringe of a beach makes the scene picture postcard perfect. The coconut, however, has much more than aesthetic value: it is a valuable commercial resource as well as an important source of nutrition and medicine for many communities in the world.

The coconut is not a nut; it is in fact a drupe. The coconut palm can withstand salty water conditions and can thrive without pesticides and fertilizers.  Typically one palm produces over 100 coconuts a year. It does so for over 70 years and then it becomes a ‘senile palm’. At which point it can be chopped down for its timber. The timber can be used for construction and for making  coconut flooring. Using coconut as an alternative to hardwood is one of the methods for creating a sustainable society.

Coconut water…

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Small Break

So I haven’t posted much not because I don’t love blogging I do but sometimes I get the feeling that my tips fall on deaf ears and I know I’m new at this and shouldn’t complain. However I was reminded of one of the downsides of personal training. Which is you do your best to put a plan together you care about your clients, but they don’t commit. They gain weight and tell you they have been eating healthy and don’t know what’s wrong with them must be in the genes. So don’t mind me I just took another small break, but I have the writing itch so i will write some awesome things.
Anyone else a trainer or coach or mentor in someway and get lied to by their students/clients?
How does it make you feel?


Here in NOVA, the temperature hit 98 degrees the last two days. Luckily, I do the majority of my exercise indoors, but for those of you who choose to go outside, here are a few tips from MSN on surviving summer heat:

Infographic: Athlete’s Heat Survival Guide | Fitbie.

It won’t be getting too much cooler any time soon, so do your best to stay cool and hydrated (outdoors and indoors, too)!

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