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Is Sunday your rest day? Or do you pick a busier day during the week? It’s great if you want to be a superstar and exercise everyday but do you know that can actually be worse for your body? Here … Continue reading

No such thing as an excuse

Well the title kind of says alot but as I walk on the treadmill this morning thinking about all the hurdles I’ve had to jump over I think about people’s excuses and they make me mad. Don’t get me wrong people are untitled to their opinion but if you say your going to do something do it.
I was an avid marathon runner, lost 65 pounds, found out I had compartment syndrome and excess scar tissue had surgery, recovered a year later to find out in my check up that I have a tumor in my ankle and a torn unrepairable ligament in the other side of that ankle. Those are my excuses to acting crazy sometimes but never an excuse to lay in bed and not enjoy an active lifestyle. I may not be able to run, climb stairs and do calf raises for the rest of my life but damn it I won’t let an excuse be more important than my need for health. You shouldn’t either! There are no excuses worth being excused and if you truly wanted it bad enough there would be no I’ll start tomorrow only I will start today.


New BPA findings

A new study came out yesterday from the New York Study of Medicine about BPA’s affect on children’s obesity. One thing that sticks out for me is that the study can’t prove(did not find a direct link) to causing obesity however children who had BPA in their urine were more likely to be obese.
Did you know that BPA’s are found in more than just plastic bottles?
The good people at complied a list and you can find it here.
So maybe it isn’t BPA that causes these directly, my theory is since it is in everyday things and mostly packaged foods that it’s the crappy food parents give to their kids that cause it. All those pop tarts and pizza pops that were in packaging loaded with BPA.
I am shocked at how plastic bottles received most of the blame, I can’t believe there is BPA in toilet paper.
Are any of you guys shocked about where else BPA is hiding?


Body Fat Percentage

I came across this photo on someone’s Facebook page and it stirred up some feelings.

First off is it really that realistic? Each one of these ladies is most likely a different height so comparing yourself could be hard. However at least you can get an idea between 30% and 18%.
It is a lot easier for a male to lower his body weight because men’s bodies aren’t programmed to store fat. Women’s however are, we have it in our genes to store fat for child birth. Since carrying a baby and requires a certain amount of abdominal fat. When a woman goes below her threshold she stops having her period and stops ovulating therefore her body says nope not going to happen, we’re not healthy enough to carry a baby!!
That might be TMI but it’s the truth backed by science. ( don’t believe me look it up here )
In my experience when I was at my most hardcore I was obsessed with the fat calipers and measurements tracking ever change in decimal points. Looking back its not worth it to obsess. Tracking your body fat percentage can be good to do a few times a year to have a reality check in, or when starting a new exercise routine. Also remember that no matter male or female every body is different and 18% on someone else won’t be the same as 18% on you.
Do any of you track your percentage?
If so have you ever had the water immersion test done?

How do you Compare?

Its easy to find online what others your height and weight might look like. If you don’t know you need to check out My Body Galleryit’s awesome, you can look up your height, weight etc.. And find out what you might look like. I have used this on my clients in the past to help with dealing with a distorted body image.
Have you ever thought about how you compare with the rest of the world? The BBC has an amazing tool. Global Fat Scale
Here are my results

I know about my BMI being lower but I was surprised I am similar to someone in a third world country, really puts things in perspective. I am also happily shocked at how low Canada is, 59th out of 177 countries isn’t that bad. I guess it’s our tough food regulations and that being active is still a huge part of our culture. So where do you stand? Your country? Are you surprised?

Saying Healthy Chocolate Bars is no Longer an Oxy-Moron

Did I get your attention with the title? So I found this website the other day 

It is a small line for now of copycat chocolate and candies that have been radically re-done in a healthy and environmentally friendly way.

Here is their company’s mission, inspiring in itself.

You’d never find these people together in any other company in the world.  But it works.  Why?  Because we’re drawn together by a common mission.  To challenge what we’ve come to accept in our food and its effect on our health.  To change the way junk food is made here in America and around the world.  To unjunk the world.”

Unreal 54TM    (

Which is the copy of M and M’s with peanuts

Nutrition Facts: Serving Size: 42g


  • Calories:200
  • Fat Cal: 100
  • Total Fat:11 grams
  • Sat Fat:5
  • Trans Fat:0
  • Cholesterol:0
  • Sodium: 20mg
  • Carbs: 20g
  • Fiber:3g
  • Sugars:16g
  • Protein:6g


Milk Chocolate (chocolate, skim milk, cane sugar, cocoa butter, milk powder, organic blue agave inulin, soy lecithin, vanilla extract), Peanuts, Cane Sugar, Calcium Carbonate, Peanut Oil, Colored with (beetroot juice, turmeric root extract, purple cabbage juice), Gum Arabic, Vanilla Extract, Carnauba Wax & Beeswax

Contains milk, soy, peanuts. May contain tree nuts, wheat.


Being healthy and being fit isn’t about being healthy ALL the time lets face it we sometimes just need a chocolate bar. For those people who work out the calories can be burned off but with traditional chocolate bars there was always that HFCS(High Fructose Corn Syrup) and all those preservatives. Now you can have your cake and eat it too. This is a relatively new company and when I found this I wanted to shout it from the rooftops!!!

Lets share this page, join the Facebook page show that we as a people really do want non GMO foods that are sustainable and wont cause diabetes, heck the Dairy even comes from organically grain fed cows(no corn in their bellies). Currently only 1,149 people like the group on Facebook. The more people who like this and show their support the more distribution, I want this bar in Canada!!!!

Wild Strawberries and Proof that GMO Changes Things

This week I was on vacation and it was awesome. I took my dog for a lot of walks and this one in particular is special see all the plants?

All of those flowers and all of those plants in that picture are wild strawberries. Strawberries that grow as nature sees fit without pesticides or GMO’s.

So why am I bringing up GMO’s? Well because the natural wild strawberries were so small, not that it’s a bad thing but smaller than the ones in store.GMO’s are used to make the berries bigger, and at some point we have all fallen for bigger is better. With most fruits you pay by the pound do it doesn’t matter the size of the individual fruit.


I hope that in seeing this you realize and share with people exactly what we have done to our produce over the years to make it suit the general populations greed for bigger. Sure this could be a dwarf variety but even still it doesn’t compare in size.
Since we’re on the topic of strawberries the best way to tell if your strawberry was ripened on the plant or picked long before it was ready is if you cut it in half and it’s still white on the inside it was picked before it was ripe. If the strawberry is mostly or all red on the inside than it was allowed to ripen on the plant.

Say no to GMO’s!!!