About Me

I once was a girl who weighed 206 pounds at 5’9
October 2009 206 pounds

I than searched for tools that I could use to change myself, because I wasn’t happy and was over weight

I took up running and healthy eating and lots of research, by July 2010 this was me.

150 pounds

And by February 2011 this was me a much happier, skinnier and knowledgeable person.

140 pounds

Since than I have changed my body again for the better another pic will come. I used my curiosity to change my goals in life. I took the following courses.

CanFit Pro Certified Personal Trainer
Advanced Sports Nutrition
Post Natal Weight Loss 
First Aid and CPR Level CSo enjoy my blog, knowing that it’s from someone who has been there, and just wants to share my knowledge.  I’m sharing knowledge so please contact your DR before taking supplements, drastically changing your diet or starting a new fitness routine.


2 responses to “About Me

  1. awesome transformation! When did you start your blog?

  2. I just started my blog on here recently, as a Personal Trainer I had info on another sight than found this one and transered my stuff over. I have so many bits of helpful hints in my head, I thought I would write it down somewhere. lol

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