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Ever wonder how they figure out how many calories are burned for a specific exercise? Well each activity is assigned a met number. Met stands for metabolic equivalent of a task, basically caloric measurement of the energy expenditure of a specific task. When you sit you burn 1 met, playing golf 4. Let’s say you wanted to figure out how many calories you burned playing golf today(no cart). Here’s where that math you swore you would never use after highschool comes in….
Mets x your weight (in kgs) x time(in hours) x 1.05= calories burned.
So if you played golf today for 30 minutes and you weigh 60 kgs here’s your calorie expenditure.
4x 60 x .5 x1.05= 126 calories.
So 30 minutes of golf burns 126 calories.
So now when your on the treadmill you know how the machine calculates calories burned and estimated calories per hour..
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