New BPA findings

A new study came out yesterday from the New York Study of Medicine about BPA’s affect on children’s obesity. One thing that sticks out for me is that the study can’t prove(did not find a direct link) to causing obesity however children who had BPA in their urine were more likely to be obese.
Did you know that BPA’s are found in more than just plastic bottles?
The good people at complied a list and you can find it here.
So maybe it isn’t BPA that causes these directly, my theory is since it is in everyday things and mostly packaged foods that it’s the crappy food parents give to their kids that cause it. All those pop tarts and pizza pops that were in packaging loaded with BPA.
I am shocked at how plastic bottles received most of the blame, I can’t believe there is BPA in toilet paper.
Are any of you guys shocked about where else BPA is hiding?



8 responses to “New BPA findings

  1. Great, we are recycling chemicals into things.:(
    I never thought about my glasses either.

  2. The only company that does not put BPA in their canned beans is Eden foods….for those that use canned beans. I’m much more concerned with the ‘cocktail’ that we ingest unwittingly each day as the food, air and water we need to survive are ever increasing in toxic loads…the single bullet issues (as the study suggests) don’t point to a correlation. BUT the cocktail is brewing we are not only getting fatter but sicker.

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