Small Break

So I haven’t posted much not because I don’t love blogging I do but sometimes I get the feeling that my tips fall on deaf ears and I know I’m new at this and shouldn’t complain. However I was reminded of one of the downsides of personal training. Which is you do your best to put a plan together you care about your clients, but they don’t commit. They gain weight and tell you they have been eating healthy and don’t know what’s wrong with them must be in the genes. So don’t mind me I just took another small break, but I have the writing itch so i will write some awesome things.
Anyone else a trainer or coach or mentor in someway and get lied to by their students/clients?
How does it make you feel?


2 responses to “Small Break

  1. I enjoy your posts, so keep posting!:) I’m not a trainer but I hear ya.

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