Snow Cones

Snow cones

The hot weather is here and nothing cools you down like ice cream. Since we can’t have ice cream all the time how about some Snow Cones? I’m not talking about the sugar laden snow cones that you get at the fair or amusement park, but healthy ones.

I found and tweaked a recipe for home-made preservative free,added sugar-free snow cones.

fun food beet and carrot snow cones

Step 1)You can use some cone containers or little glass dishes.

Step 2) Use natural juice fruits and or vegetables for the colouring.

 1 beet and 1 strawberry for red.

1 orange for a yellowish color

1 yam plus 1 carrot for orange.

1 celery stalk and 1 green apple for green.

Step 3) Put juices in a small squeeze bottle (You can buy these at the Dollar store) healthy dye free snow cones

You might want to invest in the bottles as the juices will keep up to a week, especially if you foresee yourself making a lot of snow cones.

Step 4) Shave the ice, either use a blender or a snow cone machine( they are like $10 at walmart) 

Step 5)  Dont tell your kids their is beat juice and carrots in them 🙂 and let them decorate the healthy snow cones


3 responses to “Snow Cones

  1. What a cool idea. No pun intended.

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