Wild Strawberries and Proof that GMO Changes Things

This week I was on vacation and it was awesome. I took my dog for a lot of walks and this one in particular is special see all the plants?

All of those flowers and all of those plants in that picture are wild strawberries. Strawberries that grow as nature sees fit without pesticides or GMO’s.

So why am I bringing up GMO’s? Well because the natural wild strawberries were so small, not that it’s a bad thing but smaller than the ones in store.GMO’s are used to make the berries bigger, and at some point we have all fallen for bigger is better. With most fruits you pay by the pound do it doesn’t matter the size of the individual fruit.


I hope that in seeing this you realize and share with people exactly what we have done to our produce over the years to make it suit the general populations greed for bigger. Sure this could be a dwarf variety but even still it doesn’t compare in size.
Since we’re on the topic of strawberries the best way to tell if your strawberry was ripened on the plant or picked long before it was ready is if you cut it in half and it’s still white on the inside it was picked before it was ripe. If the strawberry is mostly or all red on the inside than it was allowed to ripen on the plant.

Say no to GMO’s!!!


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