How do I get abs?

How hard is it to get abs? Or easy? Can I get it in a pill?

A crazy twisting contraption that I can order from t.v?

We all want at the very least a sexy flat stomach but how realistic is it?
Like this?

Or this?

Truth is unless you are blessed in the genetic gene pool it takes alot of hard work and an almost perfect diet. Also how often do you see girls with a 6 pack like this at the beach? Do you know that these girls either nutrient deprive before a photo shoot? Or have such a low percentage of body fat that it’s bordering dangerous? It is false advertising. I have amazing abs first thing in the morning but as soon as I have my coffee and water there gone.
If you want abs it’s not just cardio, crunches and eating healthy it’s also giving up things that contribute to your overall health. Is giving up fruit and some veggies really worth it?
What about this picture? With steps to do it?

This picture is actually more realistic this is attainable and so is a flat stomach. The secret to a great stomach is balance of all things, maybe I’m sounding negative but I’m trying to set the stage so you don’t feel like a failure.
Just be you and be healthy! Abs or a tight toned tummy or a flat tummy will all come with being true to your body.


3 responses to “How do I get abs?

  1. Nice blog.
    Will be following!

  2. Thanks for your thoughts on the reality of the female 6 pack! It is so lovely to have a variety of bodies in the world – we should celebrate them and not try to shove them all into size 4 jeans.

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