Time to get Educated

It’s tough love time!! As a trainer I get to hear all the excuses. My favorite is more of a lack of education which I see as an excuse and maybe it’s not their fault it’s the advertising giants fault.
I get this one a lot. ” I’m eating all the right foods and the weights not coming off it has to be genetic” first of all the genetics thing is bull crap. I’m genetically disposed to be a heavy-set girl like the rest of my family but I’m not. You might be programmed by the bearers of your genetics into thinking certain foods are healthy but aren’t.
Whenever a client says this I ask to see the cupboards and recycling boxes. “Really your eating healthy? Than how did this bag of McCain oven fries get in your freezer”
“well there oven baked so it’s ok”
Not……did you know most frozen oven ready fries are pre fried in order to give you the quick crisp convience you love so much about those fries?
Ok so not really her fault right? She thought it was fine.
“why do you have Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain bars?” remember this post?
Being healthy and fit is all about the choices you make, so make informed ones! There’s no regulation really on food marketing so do your research. Yes special k bars are low in calories but are void of nutrients and loaded with sugar! Do your research and find out what’s killing you in your cupboards. Everytime I watch t.v. (which isn’t much) I am hounded by advertisements for get skinny quick scams, it’s all a scam! There is no pill,no special diet that will give you what you want,hang in there and use google!!!


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