Testimonial from the Bulge to Buff Challenge

I recently posted a 4 week challenge, I did it and loved the results!! I put a lot of effort into creating a program and one thing that I think trainers want people to know is how much effort goes into creating a plan. Not just an average plan with simple weights but a fat loss and muscle building plan that works across the board. There is a lot of science behind it. This bulge to buff was created by me for everyone to use regardless of their fitness level.
The more fit, the heavier the weights and faster they completed the workout. It was also designed to keep the heart rate up while lifting weights to ensure maximum fat loss. Here is A copy of an email of a successful challenge taker.

Since I started working out in April with all your motivation/expertise:
I was 29.8% body fat and at my heaviest at 175.3 lbs

These numbers below are from a few days after I started your program, maybe 2 or 3 days
April 22
Waist 31.5
Hips 39.5
Neck 13
Weight 175.3
Body fat % is 29.80
This is where I should have taken measurements of my butt and thighs … Oh well

Then may 22,
Weight 168.2
Waist 29.5 (down 2 inches)
Hips 37 (down 2.5)
Neck 12.5. I still don’t get why/how ones neck shrinks ??? (Down 0.5)
Plus where ever else I shrunk, so anywhere between 6- 8 inches approx. (Possibly more) As I know my butt and legs shrunk, I feel it in my clothes.
Body fat % 23.7 (down 6.1%)
So in total since April I’m down 7.1lbs/6.1% body fat, Seeing the measurement results, clearly I have gained muscle (which I know is heavier) and lost that fat.
Congratulations to her, and I hope you guys take the challenge!


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