A European Beaver.

A European Beaver. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Castoreum is an extract taken from the beaver’s perineal glands, found next to the animal’s anus, castoreum is used to enhance flavours.

It is most commonly found In the case of strawberry and raspberry flavourings, some natural berry flavors may actually be enhanced by castoreum, and this product can still be called “all natural”

Because it is a natural ingredient it doesn’t have to be listed on the package by its name but you will see it simply as “natural flavour”

Just be cautious of things with berries in them and see if “natural flavours: is on there. Pretty gross….

Check out Jamie Olivers take on it


3 responses to “Castoreum

  1. Who would even come up with stuff?!
    In what board meeting did they sit around and say, why yes that’s a grand idea!

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