May 24 weekend

Well the first long weekend in Canada has come and gone and the weather has been fantastic!! How did you celebrate? The culture in Canada is to go to a cottage or go camping and drink ALOT of beer! But I’m getting a little old for that and I spent most of it hate ing and working on my tan(very slowly as I’m using an SPF)
Today I got to see my new nephew Logan and afterwards went to brunch at a place called Cora’s its a healthy Canadian brunch type place. The food is fresh and healthy! I think I blogged about my experience at a place in the U.S. called Perkins and how disgustingly greasy it was. That place gave me a huge appreciation for Canadian food quality and my first visit to Cora’s after Perkins was a fantastic treat.
Here is a picture of my summer berry french toast! With whole wheat bread, feah wild blueberries, fresh strawberries, cinnamon, clove and creme freshe. So unbelievably fantastic!!
Of you live in Canada and haven’t been I highly recommend it, if your visiting Canada you have to attend. It’s a large chain and there is at least one in every major city!!



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