A lot of people are jumping on the paleo bandwagon. I like it because it means more bacon!!

3. Two. 1. Fitness

Paleo Diet
Many people love the Paleo food list because it gives them a quick overview of the wide range of food they can healthily enjoy on a Paleo diet. In spite of that, some people are still confused by what’s off limits and what exactly should be avoided to promote optimal health.

Here you’ll find a simple list of the foods and food categories to incorporate in your diet and those that you should be avoiding.

What to eat

Fish and seafood;
Green leafy vegetables;
Root vegetables and tubers;
Good fats (coconut oil, lard, tallow, olive oil, clarified butter, …);
Fruits (with moderation);
Nuts and seeds (with moderation);
Herbs and spices;
The following graphic illustrates the main foods to include in your diet. The items at the base of the pyramid should constitute the bulk of your calories, along with good fats and the items…

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