Haribo's Gummi bears were first introduced in ...

Gelatin is in a lot of things, but do you know what its made out of?

Collagen not so bad right? But do you know where collagen comes from? it’s often taken from animal skins and bones gross right? There has been some controversy about this as most vegetarians and vegans weren’t aware of what they were eating.

Here are places where you will find Gelatin.

1) Gummy Bears

2) Canned meat (why are you eating that anyways?)

3) Soups (so it thickens)

4) Marshmallows

5) Pop Tarts

6) Skittles

7) Green Giant frozen vegetables (in a bag) – not even kidding! LINK!! (

8) Some sour creams

9) mini wheats

10) Jello and yogurt

If you’re looking for a healthier and animal friendly substitute try agar it is commonly found in health food stores.


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