Ways to find Motivation and Achieve your Goals!!

Sometimes it’s hard to find motivation, life is short right? So why spend all this time and effort when it’s easier to stay in bed.
Here are a few things that worked for me and will help you make a commitment to yourself.
1) Picture yourself as the alternate. Do you want to not fit into your clothes? Or look good in that outfit?
2) Visualize your goals! You can find a picture of what you aspire to be and print if off and put it on your fridge. This also works with timed goals for runs!
3) Make a specific and measurable goal, they are easier because there is a specific task to complete. I want to lose 5 pounds by July 1st is much attainable as there is an end in sight. Short term goals are more achievable as there becomes less time to make excuse. Ie. 10 pounds by September is a reason to say well I have till September to hit my goal so I can have another piece of cake. If you only have till July to lose 5 pounds than your less likely to have a second piece.
4) Learn to make sacrifices! What is more important. It costs something to reach your goals, whether it’s blood, sweat and tears or time with friends and family.
5)Work hard to prove your haters wrong. Sometimes hatred or competition can give you motivation. I’m saying more like think of a recent break-up and how would your ex feel if they saw how smokin’ hot you are! Or that girl at work you don’t like. Jealousy and hatred are a bad thing! I’m just saying to play it to your advantage.
6) Work on your weaknesses, this one is hard but find out what it is and try your hardest to overcome it!
It can be hard to see that your goal is achievable but with the right motivation it can become a reality!


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