Reducing your Carbon Footprint

Well in my journey to become healthier and more fit, I also want to take the environment into consideration. Afterall this is a blog on all around health not just weight loss.

We can all do thins to reduce our carbon footprint. Our carbon footprint in a nutshell is what impact as an individual or corporation you have on the environment. Little changes can make a huge difference.

Yesterday I biked to work and I saved $2.03, got my exercise and saved 1.6 litres of fuel, which reduced my carbon footprint by 9.98 pounds 

One of the easiest ways is to pick locally grown foods, not only do you get the most nutrients as the plant is picked at its freshest there is less travel time. Some people are lucky and live in a local that it doesn’t snow 8 months of the year but you have to do what you can.

Want to find out what your carbon footprint is and what it does to the environment? check out this website. 

Life is about finding a healthy balance, chemical free, diet free and lowering pollutants so out childrens children and out fur babies can all have a chance at fresh air and non GMO foods.


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