Every Day is a Gift!!

I just finished a 5k run in 26 minutes. Woot!! But that’s not the amazing part, when I was writing my time down on calendar I was amazed to see that a year ago today I was diagnosed with Compartment syndrome of my Lower left leg its a lot to explain so here is the Wikipedia link. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Compartment_syndrome

I was an avid runner, crushing over 150 kms a week, I loved it. I knew there was something wrong with my leg but I never thought it would be that bad.

I had my surgery on June 04, so it’s coming up on a year. When the DR opened me up, he found a lot of dead tissue, massive amounts of scar tissue all which needed to be removed. I was in surgery for 7 hours that day and almost lost my left leg from the knee down. Afterwards the Doctor said one of the reasons why I still have it was because of how healthy my body tissue was and how aggressively it was fighting the necrosis. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Necrosis 

It was a battle, after 2 days of a drug induced stuper, I wanted to workout again, so I had dumbbells brought to my bed, who says I can’t have kick-ass shoulders right?

After 2 weeks of having my lovely boyfriend empty my drainage tubes of fluid and blood, I had them removed and finally got my mobility back.

This past year has been a struggle I’m still in pain when the weather changes because the Doctor removed by Fascia on my leg to help with swelling http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fascia  .Because my skin was peeled away from my muscles from this process I don’t have feeling of my skin and after a year probably never will.

Well all these are terrible things and it has been a life changing event, I am still positive. Yes, some days are hard!! I will never be able to run more than 5 kms or sprint and I have a really hard time with stairs because of my inability to do plantar flexation.  For every run I do I need a few days recuperation time, I need to wear a compression sock and I had to give up my dream of becoming a Police Officer because I would never be able to pass Police College ( Ya like they would understand,sorry I can only run every third day, I also wouldn’t be able to sprint after a criminal). One of the main things that gets me is that I always had a dream of doing an Ironman and running the Boston Marathon, Pre-Injury I made qualifying time.

With all these things, everyday I am grateful I have a leg, today I am grateful I was able to run 5 kms, I’m grateful to be able to walk my dog and mostly for my friends and family for their support. This picture really means something to me now. Go out enjoy your legs and make every step count!!!


4 responses to “Every Day is a Gift!!

  1. While losing some of your previous dreams is terribly sad, you have made an amazing come back. A lot of hard work and determination must have gone into that. Congrats!

  2. Thanks Katie!! It has been a hard year, a lot of rehab but well worth it. It has definatly made me appreciate things and be a better person.

  3. I too suffered from compartment syndrome – but I was an avid walker (3-5 miles a day. Now I can’t dorsal flex my foot and must wear an AFO to walk. Although i am grateful to have my left leg, It’s difficult to explain to people the feeling of loss.

    • Hey! Thanks for the reply!! You are so right, no one seems to understand it. I mean out legs are physically there, they just aren’t working 100%. Have you had the surgery yet? I had surgery over a year ago, had a fasciotomy and the skin hasn’t regrafted yet so I don’t have feeling to my skin either. Have you experienced the same thing?

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