Cheeseburger Ringed Pizza

Just saying it makes me want to throw up in mouth, a cheeseburger ringed pizza…. that’s worse than the double down from KFC check out this gross monstrosity.

So whats is wrong with Fast Food America? Is this appealing to anyone at all? Wait I get it Pizza Hut is trying to make us even more fast food addicts, as if the cheese stuffed crust wasn’t enough now we have to have a cheeseburger with our pizza, im surprised fries aren’t a topping.

So enough U.S. bashing for now, although Pizza Hut is an American company this pizza wont be available in the U.S anytime soon. These are being sent for a test market to the Overseas first. It’s only a matter of time before this comes to North America unless hopefully it gets banned in Canada.  The Canadian government originally tried banning it, with no support.

The pizza business in the U.S. is huge. Forty-one percent of Americans now eat pizza at least once a week, up from 26 percent two years ago. While I do agree pizza is awesome, there is always a way to make food healthier.


5 responses to “Cheeseburger Ringed Pizza

  1. With stuff like this going on, it’s no wonder so Americans are the size of Mack trucks.
    Bizarre to me over here in Ireland.

  2. No mater what the companies decide to market to us, we are the ones who have a choice to eat it or not. This pizza is disgusting, but I know if it is marketed in the USA people will eat it. Personal responsibility must be built back into our DNA, I don’t know where it went.

  3. Your right Denyln. It doe smake me upset though, maybe adults wont want it. Usually fast food is marketed towarsds the poor and uneducated. Can they make an informed decision? It is horrible the way society and convienance has progressed. One of my biggest pet peeves is Ads for this restaurant chain Sonic there is 5 items in a combo for $5.99 it boggles my mind that people dont care what kind of quality of food it must be to be offered so cheap.

  4. Do you not eat pizza at all? If you make your own I would like to know the recipe to a healthier version… if there is even such a thing.

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