What’s wrong with school boards?

Every Friday I have a day off work and I volunteer at a school and spend time with a boy who hasn’t had the opportunity to have the childhood I had.
This post isn’t really about volunteering it’s about how I learned that the school no longer has Phys-Ed/gym. They carefully worded recess to now be called exercise break!!! Is that supposed to make up for it!! Kids now don’t get an opportunity to learn the various sports like we did growing up!! (you know like 1 week baseball, 1 week soccer, 1 week jai alai) so not only are these kids void of any activity they also don’t get to taste teammanship, sportsmanship.
I am not a parent but this bugs me! How can children grow up without these things. We hear this all the time that “our kids will be the first generation to die before their parents” lets get our kids healthy and start trying to make changes in the school systems!!!
What do you think about this? Do you think gym should still be taught in schools?


3 responses to “What’s wrong with school boards?

  1. I think it’s not just the schools that need to be changed, there is also some responsibility on the parents. I’m not saying there aren’t concerned parents out there, but from the experiences I have had and seen growing up and now, there is also a lot of responsibility on the parents. I believe this needs a more comprehensive approach, i.e. more awareness in not only schools but for parents, to combine the two, get them interacting with each other, working with each other, rather than placing the oenus on one group or the other. We need to work together towards a better future for all of us!

    • I agree as well, I was just shocked about how things have changed!! Parents need to sign petitions, go to meetings and request these things. Parents also need to say NO when it comes to McDonalds and frozen chicken nuggets. It is definatly a change for the worse on society. I loved gym class, and I’m sure so many other people did.

  2. It’s actually enraging to know that the system doesn’t put near as much emphasis on physical education as it use to. Even when I was in elementary and high school, I still thought that part of the system was lacking and weak. However, as a parent, I believe largely that it’s significant for the parents to be the #1 role-model for a child’s health and physical well being. It’s parents responsibility to teach their children to move and how enjoyable it can be. Enrolling children in sports both within the school system and as extra curricular through local organizations (YMCA, etc) is a great way to teach discipline and team building skills. When I was a child my folks always had me in sports, and throughout my entire life, in every aspect of my day to day living I derive from the core essential lessons I learned through my sports teams (confidence, discipline, work ethic, and that drive to never stop and always do my best). I can surely understand the importance and will be enrolling my son in many activities as he grows up. I think a lot of it has to do with the inactivity of the parents too. They tend to lack motivation after work to engage with their children… as before, when I was younger it was pretty typical for mothers to stay home, and now with inflation and recessions you find both parents are working and neither have the energy to engage with their children in those sports when arriving home. Saddening actually.

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