Are you 70 years young?

A recent study that was done by researchers in British Columbia has found that people over the age of 70 greatly benefit from resistance training. Resistance training in the form of weight lifting, band work and even aquasize. Working specific muscle groups is an important aspect of fitness. As we age we lose muscle mass by loss of muscle, bone density and lose flexibility in our joints. One of the main thing that this study focused on was the effects of exercise on people with dementia.

The study that was preformed was 6 months long and found that increasing their training program helped seniors especially woman perform a lot better with their cognitive skills. They greatly improved their attention span and  problem solving skills

Resistance training improved the function of brain areas that support decision-making, researchers found.Resistance training improved the function of brain areas that support decision-making, researchers found. (Andres Stapff/Reuters)In the study, 86 women 70 to 80 years old were randomly assigned to three groups:

  • 26 participants did resistance training, such as lifting weights, to build muscle strength.
  • 24 walked outdoors in an aerobics program.
  • 27 took basic balance and toning classes as a control.

The exercise classes were held twice weekly.

After the study was over the researchers found that the strength-training group showed “significant” cognitive improvement.

From this week’s issue of the Archives of Internal Medicine.

The reason their cognitive ability improved was most likely because it involves a lot of thought to lift weights, and just like your muscles your brain gets better and stronger with use. ” So If your over 70 ask your Doctor if its ok, if you get Doctor approval see a trainer to help you with the correct form and the right exercises for you.

The studies were funded by Pacific Alzheimer’s Research Foundation and infrastructure support from the Canada Foundation for Innovation.


One response to “Are you 70 years young?

  1. You might find this paper worth a read, it relates to your post – it looks at how chronic exercise prevents the loss of lean muscle in later life. There are of course many pros and cons for chronic exercise, but I believe this paper is enlightening and helps add perspective to working out as a young adult, and continuing workouts that are appropriate into old age. We will benefit most from maintaining good activity levels, fitness and strength throughout our lives!

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