What Shoes do I wear with this outfit?

Are you a runner, a presser of iron, a walker or hiker? Finding the right shoe can be difficult but it’s also an important decision.
Do you need different shoes for all these activities? Well ya sort of.
If you’re a runner, you should have a pair of running shoes specifically designed to be light. Like my pretty mikes here that weigh only 6.8 ozs each!! And will never step foot outside.
If you’re a gym goer try cross trainers they support the ankles and give comfort if you’re doing lunges or are on the elliptical
If you’re a walker you can use the cross trainers for an outdoor walking shoe.
If you’re a hiker who is serious and spends a lot of time outdoors or are on rough terrain should invest in a good pair of hi top hiking boots. The last thing you want to do when your 20 miles away from civilization is roll your ankle.

My pretty pretty shoes



2 responses to “What Shoes do I wear with this outfit?

  1. I was told that light running shoes should only be used on race days but shouldn’t be trained in because of their lack of ankle support for running everyday. What do you think?

  2. Weirdest thing, last night I wrote the longest reply ever and din’t post. Sorry about that. Anyways what I was saying was that it depends on the runner really. Myself I prefer to race in the shoes I train in, and thats how I train clients to run, I never want to be guessing on race day if my shoes have had it, or the foam bottom has changed. I think the lighter shoes involves more impact on your feet which can be a good thing, having less of a sole to absorb impact can activate the smaller ligaments in your toes and ankles causing you to have stronger feet. Stronger feet would allow a greater push off the ground giving you a better stride, and better stability, a better stride could make you faster, better stability will heklp your ankles. With runners though its been to each their own, for beginners starting out they take advice but after years of running you find what works for you, I know someone who wont give up their racing shoes and there duct taped together.

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