Sneaky Bad for You Foods!!!

Fancy Coffee Drinks
Not all coffee is created equal and sometimes a drink can cost you more calories than a meal, around 60–80g of carbs, plus saturated fat from the whip cream.

Cover of "Coffee Drinks"

Cover of Coffee Drinks 

Bagels are a comforting food and can be part of people’s morning routine, however unless you plan on riding your bike to work or doing an intense workout for at least a few hours stay away. Even whole wheat bagels aren’t necessarily the right choice. The reason is that bagels are very think and heavy which makes them calorically dense. Bagels can have 250-300 calories and more than 50g of carbs each.

A plain bagel, bought from an Associated groce...

A plain bagel, bought from an Associated grocery store in Brooklyn in their daily bread section. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)








Juice Drinks and Smoothies
Smoothie stores are everywhere, and they can seem like a healthy drink. But a 16oz juice can have as many as 75g of carbohydrates and 64g of sugar. Make your own or get them at a supplement store.

Blueberry smoothie

Blueberry smoothie (Photo credit: Wikipedia) 

  Movie Theater Popcorn
It may seem obvious because the portion sizes are huge. Lets take a medium bag of Popcorn it’s already 1200 calories alone, all from carbohydrates, and if you add butter the sodium and fat levels skyrocket.  

Energy bars/granola bars
Energy bars aren’t all bad just pay attention when you pick them.  Usually they contain protein and fiber and that crunch to keep you satisfied. There are tons of calories and fat in most name brand bars. Sometimes a snack is better than to go hungry, but you might as well eat a mars bar and save some calories.


Salads is definitely a tricky one, not all salads are created equal the worst offenders are specialty salads and Caesar.

The problem with those types of salad is the toppings, all those sugared walnuts, taco chips, bacon, cheese and high fat dressing can put some salads worse than a double-cheeseburger.

Wendy’s Baja salad. 720 calories, 17 grams of fat, 1920 grams of sodium

Crab Louie salad

Crab Louie salad (Photo credit: Wikipedia)







10. Sushi Rolls

Sushi is tricky, I don’t know why everyone thinks its super healthy. There is a wide variety of sushi rolls and some are fried. An example would be a 12-piece Dragon Roll (eel, crunchy cucumbers, avocado and “special eel sauce”) has ­almost 500 calories and 16 grams of fat (4 grams saturated).

If you pick a lighter option such as a vegetarian roll with cucumbers, carrots and avocado its 350 calories and 6 or 7 grams of fat, and most of it is the good mono­unsaturated type. There is a fair amount of cars though from the rice.

California roll

California roll (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

With any decision know all the information and what your eating is really made of.


2 responses to “Sneaky Bad for You Foods!!!

  1. We were just having a discussion in my art department about movie popcorn butter. One of my designers use to work at a theater and she said it’s just a synthetic oil with some sort of silicone compound and artificial butter flavoring….

    I can’t believe people scarf that stuff down.

  2. Oh i know, even as a treat its still bad for you. Butter on its own is expensive, so people should clue in that they wouldn’t serve you realt butter. The movie theatre I go to has a yogen fruze and I just get a low fat frozen yogurt with fresh fruit. If you were to make the buttered popcorn at home you would save calories because you would see the amount of butter going in and make adjustments.

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