Be your own competition!!

Sometimes it’s hard to push yourself when your alone. When I first started running 5km it was more of a walk/run. Didn’t matter my time as long as I hit the distance. Since I’m a competitive girl that got boring real quick. I decided to write my time down and everyday that I did my 5k, I tried to beat my time even if it was only a few seconds. Before I knew it my 50 minute 5k became a 30 minute 5 k. Eventually I got it down to 18 minutes.
What I did was map out a 5k route, stuck with that route every time. After every run I would write my time down on a simple printed monthly calendar (which I kept on my fridge) The next time I went for a run I checked that calendar and the last runs time and just tried to beat it.
Be your own competition!!


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