What is Pink Slime really?

Lately there has been a lot of talk about Pink Slime, if you watch the Food Network and have ever seen Jamie Olivers show Food Revolution that seems to be what opened people’s eyes into pink slime.

The Food Industry used the meat scraps ligaments, bone particles, tendons, eyeballs, etc.. left after butchering for dog food. In the early two thousands the Food Industry along with USDA approval began high-speed blending of this material in large quantities for use as a cheap hamburger filler(it’s also done with chicken too). One of the biggest advantages and most likely why the USDA approved it was the reduction in cost to the Federal school lunch program by 3 cents a pound(there are a lot of kids in America to feed). They also added ammonia hydroxide to kill the e-coli, and other bacteria that are present in poor quality meats, and certain parts of the animal that aren’t meant for human consumption. The e-coli bacteria develop as a result of feeding corn in to cattle instead of wheat/grass like they should be. When Cows eat corn it destroys their rumen’s natural digestive ability to kill bacteria. Ground meat is vulnerable to extensive contamination because the e-coli on the surface become mixed throughout when its blended. The mixture was dubbed pink slime by employees because of its appearance.

Since 2009 the three major world cancer organizations have been reporting a strong connection between high corn-fed red meat consumption and both cancer and heart disease without any significant effect on meat sales. For decades environmental groups have been reporting the connection between corn production used primarily for feeding farm animals and the destruction of our soil and water resources.

Pink Slime has raised such a large public outcry and hopefully it will cause changes in the way we produce food, are people finally getting sick of cheap gross food? I know I am, I buy organic free range grain fed chicken. Also does your meat say corn-fed? It’s not a good thing, at my local grocery store they put this cute little sticker on beef that says corn-fed, but telling people that corn is actually bad for cows, which we eat which means its bad for us.


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