Burning Extra Calories

We all like to burn extra calories, especially after a holiday.. Remember my article on METS?


Have you ever seen a weighted vest before? Here I am after(my hair and make-up are a mess) my workout rocking my 25 pound vest.


remember the METS conversion?

So if I played 30 minutes of golf today without the vest I would burn 126 calories

if i played golf today for 30 minutes with the vest on I would burn 162 calories. 

4x 77x.5×1.05

Mets x your weight (in kgs) x time(in hours) x 1.05= calories burned.
So if you played golf today for 30 minutes and you weigh 60 kgs here’s your calorie expenditure.
4x 60 x .5 x1.05= 126 calories.
So 30 minutes of golf burns 126 calories.


So if you want to burn some extra calories while you do household chores,walk your dog, run whatever activity you choose you burn more calories as it takes your body more energy to move a heavier object. I picked mine up at a local store for $20. The weights are removable so if you find the vest to heavy you can take out some weights just remember the more weight you have the more calories you burn.



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