Healthy “fast food”

This morning my dog was being so adorable.

All he wanted was a morning belly rub and it was a good excuse to lay in bed.
His cuteness kind of made the hours before work pass quickly.
I rushed downstairs to my gym did a quick leg and ab workout. When it was time to go to work I didn’t have enough groceries in the house. Here’s where some people may say screw it “I’m going to McDonald’s”. Most grocery stores have a hot food department. I went to my local store and picked up fruit for a few days to leave at my desk. My lunch? A Greek Orzo salad with feta cheese. No excuses people!! This grocery trip took less than 10 minutes and my salad was only $2.50 same price as a large fry.
Serving size: 1/2 cup
Calories: 168
Total fat 10.2 (all good fat from the olive oil, olives and feta)



3 responses to “Healthy “fast food”

  1. Mmmmmm!! What grocery store?? That looks delicious!!!!

  2. Its from Sobeys!!! Wait till you see what my dinner was. Sobeys is awesome. It was in the premade section…

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