Why do we get Sugar Cravings?

It's the picture of Italian ice-cream in a sho...

It's the picture of Italian ice-cream in a shop of Rome, Italy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So you might be looking around your house and see Easter goodies everywhere my favorite is peeps, I have been good this year not a single treat, although I did throw myself into my work. 

So are they calling your name yet?

We all have cravings.  Sometimes it’s for salty things, sometimes sweets,  but why do we have cravings?

One common reason can be dehydration.  If the volume of fluid in your blood vessels drops, then a signal gets sent to your brain to increase your intake of sugar or salt.  When that gets absorbed into your bloodstream, it attracts fluid into the blood, through osmosis.  You remember that from high school biology, right?   So to avoid water cravings being mistaken for food cravings drink more water.  This also helps fill you up, which sends a different signal to the brain to say that you’re full.

Well thats the science part of exactly why but what about emotional cravings? when we eat to feel better after our boss was mean, after a hard day, or to reward ourselves for a job well done?  There is also those times when we eat out of boredom, or frustration, or anger.  Why do these emotional ticks make us eat “bad” foods?

This part becomes more complicated, to banish these cravings youneed to find out what  to your specific triggers are and  than come up with strategies for dealing with them.  You have to change WHY you eat, not just WHAT you eat.

 Interestingly, they found that the one thing that helped with weight loss was strenuous exercise, and that exercise didn’t just reduce weight, but it also helped to reduce the effect of emotional eating on weight. 

So is there a way to do this? To keep these changes long term?

Each way would be unique to you so your first step is admitting you have a problem, second step would be to understand where your emotional eating comes from and than make that a permanate change.


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