You’ve come a long way!!!

So I took some pics during my workout yesterday not to be one of those people who like to take pics of themselves but more of a reality check I guess. 3 years ago I was 206 pounds and a size 16. So Here I am after a hard workout in my basement gym. If the girl with the biggest sweet tooth in the world can do it so can you!!



2 responses to “You’ve come a long way!!!

  1. This is awesome progress! We just want you to keep moving forward!!! How long did the the transformation take?

  2. From start to now its been about 2.5 years, with stops along the way, I thought i was happy at a 12 than decided that I loved running. Than i was an 8 for a few months and was super happy. However when I got to a size 8 the exercise and eating healthy took over, At my smallest I was a size 2. Had an injury was sidelined for 4 months, and almost lost my leg, now 8 months out of surgery I am back at it again. Ready to get ripped the healthy and natural way.

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