Protein Powder

Amino Acids

Amino Acids (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

People who work out usually consume a lot of protein powder, but do many know what it actually does and why we need to take it, most importantly what type of protein powder is right for you.

What is protein?

Protein provides the essential building blocks of life and is a part of every little cell in your body. When you eat proteins your digestive system starts the process of breaking it down into amino acids, those amino acids are than sent to the parts of the body that need them. Protein/amino acids are very important for the growth and repair of muscle, bone density, the production of enzymes and hormones, the creation of anti bodies and healthy skin hair and nails.

Why choose Whey?

Whey protein is good because it is processed and absorbed very quickly which makes a whey more efficient than a regular protein powder. Whey also contains the most essential amino acids of its counterparts.

How does it make my Muscle Grow?

Every time you do a motion when you exercise your muscles actually tear because of the stress, don’t worry you want this to happen. When the tears occur protein in the form of amino acids(which your stomach so kindly digested and prepared for you) are delivered to your muscles to help them repair. When your muscles repair they get bigger just in time for you to tear them again for the next round.

How does Whey help you Lose Weight?

Whey protein can help suppress your appetite and balance your blood sugars. It also as we learned above helps repair muscle tissue and when muscles are at their best they burn more fat as the saying goes” muscle burns more calories than fat”

Watch out when choosing a whey as they are not all created equal be wary of the cheaper brands as they ar cheaper for a reason. Also if you want a break from Protein powder you can always go straight to the source and get an Amino Acid supplement. Amino acids are ready to go and your stomach doesn’t have to digest the protein to get to what it really wants. These can be more convenient as it mixes straight with water and can be taken almost like a water enhancer.

If you have any questions about what to get, or other ways to consume whey proteins or amino acids, leave a comment.


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  1. Whey protein is really useful when you want to increase muscle when doing strength training. I always consumer whey protein because it is more bioavailable compared to soy protein. “;,;” – Warm regards

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