Truth about Smoothies

Many large restaurant chains are jumping on the bandwagon and introducing smoothies on their menus. Advertising it as a great fast food alternative. Here are some facts from major chains…..
Tim Hortons Real fruit Smoothie: 
190 calories, 47 grams of carbs and 43 grams of sugar. Tim’s smoothies are made with high fructose corn syrup( its super cheap) artificial flavors and colors (caramel colour, which u may recognize as being in the news as a cancer causing agent) and not whole fruit rather a “fruit purée” which is most likely made with discarded fruit that wasn’t pretty enough to be sold in grocery stores.
McDonald’s Real Fruit Smoothie:
22oz size has 330 calories, 77 grams of carbs 70 of which are pure sugar.
Made with “fruit purée” and cellulose to add fibre and thickness, added sugar and artificial flavors.

Not all fast food chain smoothies are created equal. Here’s one I picked up at a local health food store. Price is right and so are the ingredients, it’s just as fast as going through the drive thru. Most supplement and health food stores make smoothies and there are plenty of those stores around.
Here’s a picture of my strawberry banana protein smoothie that I had for lunch today with skim milk, strawberries, banana, whey protein and honey…
Don’t settle for fast, go for fit 🙂


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