Healthy moist blueberry muffins in 10 easy steps!!!

These muffins always turn out a family favorite, they are like the fruit explosion muffins found at most chain restaurants. I took an original recipe and changed it to cut calories and fat.
2 cups of blueberries

1 teaspoon Splenda or Stevia

1.5 cups whole wheat flour

1 cup vanilla whey protein powder

2.5 teaspons baking powder

1 teaspoon sea salt

2 large eggs
1/4 cup melted natural unsalted butter

1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil

1 cup skim milk
1.5 teaspons natural vanilla extract
Turbinado sugar for sprinkling.
Step 1. Fresh blueberries work best but since I live in Canada and its March I’m using frozen. So thaw your frozen blueberries.
Step 2:  Place oven rack on middle than set your oven to 400f or 200c. Spray muffin tin with non stick cooking spray generously get all sides and even the top because these muffins rise.
Step 3:  Place 1 cup of blueberries in pot over stove with 1 tsp of Splenda. Stir frequently while mashing berries till jam like consistency. When done remove from heat and let cool to room temperature.
Step 4:  In a large bowl combine flour, protein powder, baking powder and sea salt.
Step 5:  Sprinkle a little flour over remaining blueberries and set aside.
Step 6:  In another bowl whisk eggs and Splenda until creamy.
Step 7:  While whisking poor in butter and oil. After that’s mixed add milk and vanilla.

Step 8:  Using a spatula gently fold egg mixture and floured blueberries into flour mixture. Carefully not smashing the blueberries. You still want it to be floury don’t over mix.

Step 9:   Pour mix into tins filling it to the top.  Place a teaspoon of cooled blueberry mixture into each muffin. Poking the mixture down with a skewer. Sprinkle turbinado sugar evenly over muffins.

Step 10:  Place in middle of oven bake 16 minutes or until tops are golden. Rotating half way through the time. When cooked leave in tin to set for 5 minutes than remove and place on wire rack to cool.
112 calories
8 grams of protein
6 grams of fat
60mgs of sodium

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