Homemade Ginger Lemon Cleanse

Most cleanses are processed, have you ever tried making your own?
All you need is a juicer and than throw all these ingredients in..
1 inch slice of fresh ginger
1 whole lemon
6 whole carrots(with tops)
1 apple
And water for desired thickness.

This is a fantastic cleanse, take it for your 3 meals a day but be sure to have non dairy snacks like a small handful of almonds and another piece of fruit.
The benefits of ginger is that it’s an anti -inflammatory and the spice level in it can also help raise your metabolism.
The benefits of lemon are that it aides in digestion .
The two combined will help clean out your system. Long term cleanses aren’t healthy so if you like the results of this try doing it only once a week.


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