Every little bit counts

You will probably see me type this alot… but today is about making the small step of putting your car aside and walking or biking to work. There are so many reasons other than the obvious. Here are some facts
1) 30 minutes of bike riding at a moderate pace burns on average 300 calories every 30 minutes.. Want to burn 500? Go faster.
2) With rising gas prices it can save you money.  If you have a smart phone check out this ap “vroom” it calculates your fuel consumption and money saved at the pump.
3) It’s a time saver, you get your commute and cardio done in one shot.
4)  Helps you be be a better friend to the environment. Riding a bike creates 10 times less of a carbon foot-print than a vehicle.
So with no excuses!!! Enjoy your ride!!


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