BPM- Fuel your workout through music

BPM stands for Beats Per Minute and did you know songs are rated by their BPMS? When picking songs for you iPod for a workout keep in mind the kind of activities you will be doing. Having folders labelled for different activities works best. The higher the BPM the faster the song, the lower the BPM the more mellow.
Studies have shown that if you choose high BPM songs for running or other high aerobic activities it can affect your performance .  For example when your almost done your run and feel your tank is empty and The theme song from Rocky or Eminem Lose Yourself comes on all of a sudden you can go that extra 5 minutes..
On the iTunes website this is their pick for 125-138 BPM ideal for Running, Jogging, Gym, Aerobic, Cardio, Dance)


Born This Way (138 Bpm)        

Mr Saxobeat (135 Bpm)        

Rolling In the Deep (128Bpm)        

You and I (127 Bpm)        

Stereo Love (128 Bpm)        

Last Friday Night (135 Bpm)        

Like a G6 (130 Bpm)        

Rock Party Anthem (135 Bpm)        

Just Cant Get Enough (130 Bpm)        

Super Bass (125 Bpm)        

Moves Like Jagger (128 Bpm)        

We No Speak Americano (125 Bpm)        

The Edge of Glory (135 Bpm)        

On the Floor (135 Bpm)        

To find more songs based on your activity check out Gym DJ  http://www.gymdj.com/    

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